Rough Benchmark Rails, Node, Express and Pheonix

29 May 2020

Recently, I’m curious about how slow the Rails is. So I did a simple test with wrk.

wrk -t20 -c400 http://localhost:3000

The result stuck me:

# Rails with MRI
Requests/sec:    303.27
Transfer/sec:    115.77MB

# Rails with jRuby
Requests/sec:    239.04
Transfer/sec:     91.26MB

# Nodejs
Requests/sec:  46677.61
Transfer/sec:      6.90MB

# Express.js
Requests/sec:  22206.91
Transfer/sec:      4.57MB

# Pheonix
Requests/sec:  10770.90
Transfer/sec:     17.04MB

It’s two slower than others!!!

It’s unreasonable to be immersed in my own world all the time. I think I need to active in at least two difference comuniteis in case to blind myself on technology.


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